The trading card business is booming, but so are the scammers.


What is a Box Break? How Does it Work?

Case Break

What do collectors love the most out of this year's line of cards?

Number One: Phoenix

Changing the Box Break industry one hit at a time!

First: What is a Box Break?

Starting a new business during a global pandemic wasn't exactly the best idea, but I still generated 30,000 in revenue from scratch!

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Is it possible to have a true continuous deployment to production without feature flags?

  • Production change management that requires manual approval
  • Even microservices architectures that have dependencies on multiple services being bundled and deployed together
  • Unable to separate the idea of a version and deployment

Ultimate Shift-Left Development Practices

DevOps impacts the entire SDLC, so how do we manage to determine when which work should get done first?

  1. Define: Find the…

Creating pre-approved fast-lane Pipelines for rapid deployment

Choosing the right protocol for the job

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GraphQL — the new standard

Tj Blogumas

DevOps Architect @ a large financial institution. DevOps practitioner for over a decade. Technology and Automation enthusiast.

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